Tooth decay (cavities), which if left untreated can lead to serious problems, has plagued human kind for centuries.

The Problem – What is It?

Tooth decay is caused when a biofilm of bacteria (called plaque) covers your tooth. The bacteria convert the carbohydrates found in sugary food into acid and this then starts to weaken and then cause a hole/cavity within a tooth. Very strict oral hygiene and diet advice (Preventative Dentistry) can help in avoiding a cavity forming.

Whats The Problem – Why fix it?

Once formed, unfortunately, the cavity will only get bigger with time. While the cavity is in the outer regions of the tooth you may never notice it and you certainly will not feel it. As the cavity inevitably grows, however, and reaches the more sensitive parts of the tooth it can develop into quite a serious discomfort – just ask anyone who has ever had a tooth ache before. Untreated tooth cavities will eventualy result in severe pain, broken teeth and spread of infection through the body.

The Treatment – How to Fix It

The aim of fillings is to restore cavities as soon as they form. The bacteria which causes the decay as well as any infected/weakened tooth is removed. At Brookwater Dental, Springfield this is down in a completely pain free way by first ensuring the tooth is completely numb. The remaining tooth structure is then resorted with a filling material and this process ensures the decay stops spreading through the tooth. At Brookwater Dental we use the latest and most current tooth coloured filling materials to restore teeth to their most natural look possible.

Education and Early Identification

Many people may have cavities but not even know they are present unless they get their teeth checked by their local dentist. At Brookwater our aim is to identify cavities early on so they can be treated in a very simple and cost effective way. If cavities are left to grow not only can they result in sever pain but also require quite extensive treatment such as Root Canals, Crowns or even Extractions. One extra step taken at Brookwater Dental is also in educating patients once the fillings have been completed on how to prevent any future teeth forming decay.

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