Do you hate going to the dentist?

By Dr Priyesh Amin.

If so – you certainly are one of the majority. Does it bring back unpleasant memories from long ago or even the not so distant past? Do you remember having to hold your mouth open for an eternity without getting a break? Or being forced through treatment while your tooth was not even completely numb? The dreaded metal needle cause you anxiety? Have you felt pressured into treatment or been told off by your dentist and felt he/she was rude and didn’t treat you with the empathy and care you deserved?

It is for a lot of these reasons many patients walk in telling us they ‘hate the dentist!’ At Brookwater Dental, Springfield we don’t see this is a negative. Infact, we see it as a challenge to change our patients from dentist haters to dentist lovers or at least, “I don’t mind the dentist”!

We aim to provide the highest quality of dental treatment in the most kind, caring and gentle way possible. Our dentists are extremely attentive and at Brookwater Dental, Springfield, our number one priority is you. We will take the time to discuss all your dental problems, treatment options, costs and answer any of your questions. We will then give you time to think about what course of treatment may best suit you and your budget.

Using state of the art equipment and expertise, once treatment commences it will be done efficiently to help minimize your discomfort and anxiety. We routinely use a numbing gel placed on your gums before delivering anesthetic and many of our patients have stated how this is often painless. It is our practice policy not to proceed if the patient is feeling any discomfort. We will ensure all dental work is carried out in the most gentle, relaxed and comfortable manner possible.

By building a better relationship between the patient and dentist we hope to see patients more often for check ups rather than when the dreaded toothache strikes. It is at this time that treatment will often be more costly, complicated and time consuming.

So if you are one of the many who dreads coming to the dentist, but would like to get your problems identified and fixed before they become more serious, please feel free to give us a try at Brookwater Dental, Springfield. We would love the opportunity convert your opinion by to providing you with a pleasant dental experience that exceeds your expectations.

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